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Follow The Good Manners On The Bowling Green

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If you’re thinking of joining a bowls clubs, to play and learn about this game, then you also need to know some rules. Every sport that you would research about has a number of rules and etiquettes that the members or team players should follow. While some are similar among many of these games, there are certain regulations and procedures that differ. So, before considering joining this game, this article highlights some important etiquette new players should be aware of. This is an exciting game that any individual even including children over 9 years of age could play. The game is played, rolling the bowls on a bowling green, which is a large ground. Given that, here are some of the important manners that you should keep in mind:
• One of the main rules that you should follow entering the club with the proper lawn bowls apparel, which can be purchased from stores. Inquire about the dress code when participating in a match or game.
• When you’re entering the bowling greens for a game or to practice, you should follow the steps assigned to you. Don’t interrupt another player or team, walking across when they are about to roll or while playing the game. If you’re playing, you should always maintain a distance of about 1 meter from the player to avoid distraction.
• Behaviour isn’t second to the above but is one of the other important rules that you should follow. This include a range of protocols;
– No disrespect to other team members is accepted (e.g. lack of punctuality of a game and more).
– No fowl language is allowed in any situation whether or not you’re involved in a game.
– You should greet the opposing team with a short introduction and handshake prior to and at the end of the match.
– No damage to the greens, equipment, accessories (which are available in a lawn bowls shop) is accepted.
• Understand all the rules of the games, which comprise of the role of each team member labeled as, the skip, the third, the second and the lead and markers. Furthermore, you should know the protocols for playing types of games such as single, teams, etc. Additionally, research about the different shots as well.
It’s the responsibility of every individual or team member to follow these rules. As a fact, they could maintain a good environment prior and during the game. You should also remember to be on the best behaviour, even when you’re simply practicing and not playing a game. With that said, research about other rules that these clubs follow and familiarize yourself with it.

Time To Reflect

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Wall clocks have become underestimated these days. In fact, methods of telling the time that don’t involve mobile phones, IPhones, Androids, PCs, IPads (get where this is going?), notebook computers and other similar devices have been treading water lately. When you have the clock in the palm of your hand or within a five metre radius (bad for your eyes, I know) you tend to ignore the more classic technologies. That means ignoring wall clocks, watches, sundials and those strange digital clocks in the city. Sports grounds sometimes have digital clocks for both the current 12-hour time and the match time but they don’t count that much. 

However, wall clocks do have their uses. I often have needed to rely on them during instances when other avenues were unavailable to me. Obviously I can’t carry my notebook computer everywhere so that’s fairly unreliable. Watches are gaudy and uncomfortable to wear when I get sweaty or when I’m wearing sleeves. My IPhone’s battery can’t last an hour if I want to do something useful on the device. Therefore, I have to find other ways of telling the time. They don’t allow you to keep phones on during university exams (for obvious reasons); therefore, when I needed to check how much longer I had to write they had wall clocks posted on walls at the front of the room. Doctor’s offices can be busy from the employees’ points of view – but completely droll from the clients’ points of view – so there are wall clocks to tell you just how late they are for your appointment. Click here for more information on wall clocks.

For the sake of having something to look at, wall clocks can be rather interesting. I’ve looked at wall clocks for sale on Internet auction sites. There are several types available. Pendulum wall clocks can be rather basic but you can find novelty designs. Cat designs are usually common and well-known but the ways their eyes move are a little creepy. Other wall clocks for sale that I’ve found include decorate wall clocks, atomic wall clocks and some really odd clocks based on themes. What I mean by the latter are those you see in cartoons. When clocks chime on the o’clock a hatch opens and certain miniature figures dance on a rail until they disappear behind another hatch. After that, the clock operates like usual clocks. However, I find it really difficult to find any of those wall clocks for sale. Maybe they’re just figments of imagination but too complex to actually build.

When it comes down to it though, wall clocks still have a purpose outside of occupying old folks’ homes. We shouldn’t lose our appreciation to how these ancient creations taught us the time in our times of need. They’re still being built in this day and age so it’s clear how important they are. The ticking becomes nerve-wracking, however.